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Meelo, Jinora, and Ikki are on a mission to find Korra in this new clip from episode 4!

Watch it here

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legend of Korra recently displayed itself to being unavailable in my location (Canada) on the site itself, what do i do?

We’ve been getting several questions about this recently, it looks like they updated something. Either way, the following fix should make it available from any country worldwide:

Install the extension ModHeader for Google Chrome.

Set it to this:


Enjoy Book 4 on nick.com!


Nickelodeon talk about the focus of this week’s episode!

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Korra FactTitmouse, the animation studio that worked on the opening sequence for Avatar The Last Airbender, is also working on our new Legend of Korra game! 

Watch the entire behind the scenes vid

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Book 4 Balance could have a four-part finale

Much like Sozin’s Comet, the four-episode finale of Avatar, there is a strong possibility that Book 4 ends with a four-part finale (and that the last episode will be titled Avatar Korra).

Just now, members of the Nickelodeon/Korra staff received this email:

It is an invitation for a Legend of Korra wrap party on Wednesday, December 3rd. If we are to assume that this is the Wednesday before the finale, then the following schedule for Book 4 can be projected:

  • October 17: The Coronation
  • October 24: The Calling
  • October 31: episode 5
  • November 7: episode 6
  • November 14: episode 7
  • November 21: episode 8
  • November 28: episode 9
  • (December 3: wrap party)
  • December 5: episodes 10, 11, 12, & 13; aka the four-part finale

This is only speculation but it seems likely based on the evidence.

The Mary Sue Exclusive Interview With the Creators of Avatar and The Legend of Korra!

Another new interview with Bryke has been published.

Some misinformation is already being deliberately spread. Here is the full quote about what’s next after Avatar - notice after specifically, not what’s next for Avatar.

Susana Polo (TMS): So I asked folks on Twitter “What do you guys want to know?,” and the big burning question was what’s next after Korra for you guys, or, I guess, what’s next after Avatar?

Michael Dante DiMartino: I know! We can’t talk about what’s next, ’cause we’re still trying to figure that out.

Bryan Konietzko: We’re still winding that up.

DiMartino: We’ll announce it when it’s time!

Konietzko: We’re we’re still full-time on Korra until the end of the year, and then we’ll be taking a little break. We’ll come back sometime next year with some new ideas, maybe. But this is kinda the end of Avatar for the moment, at least.

As you can see they clearly do not have another Avatar series in the works, but potentially “new ideas” that may or may not end up being Avatar-related.

Also, there is a “little frog-squirrel” character coming up in Book 4 that is one of Bryan’s favorite characters.

New exclusive NYCC 2014 interview with Janet Varney (Korra), David Faustino (Mako), and P.J. Byrne (Bolin) discussion Book 4: Balance. (9:57)

Here are some key points of new information:

  • Bolin will finally learn his actions have consequences!
  • The ending of the series is “100% satisfactory.”
  • The trio claims that Bryke have had Books 1-4 planned from the very beginning. 

What to expect from the final episodes: exclusive NYCC interview with Mike and Bryan. (8:21)

Here are some key points of info:

  • Kuvira and Korra have an “interesting dynamic.”
  • There was a lot of back-and-forth discussion on how the very last scene of the finale should be done.
  • Some running themes through the rest of Book 4 are forgiveness, friendship, and mainly Korra’s spiritual arc.


Are you ready to find out more about the next Legend of Korra episode?

This clip from Book 4 episode 3 gets us up close and personal with Prince Wu


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