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“There’s less ideas but they’re developed more. Its got a more almost hypnotic sort of quality to it. In Book 3, there’s this thematic element that is very prevalent, and so therefore there is a musical idea that is very prevalent.”

— Jeremy Zuckerman, on the music in Book 3 [x]


Happy Earth Day!

An original by LOK Character Designer, Angela Mueller.


I’m excited to be going over small-scale proofs of much larger metal prints for an upcoming exhibition of illustrations I did, some alone and some in collaboration with colleagues, for or related to Avatar and Korra between 2003 and 2013. I’ll be posting more information on the exhibition very soon, but for now I can at least say it will be in the greater Boston area. Stay tuned!


Hi guys! So a couple of Avatar/Korra-related sites teamed up and recently did an interview with the insanely-talented Jeremy Zuckerman. 

He even mentioned a couple of tidbits about Book 3 and the possibility of an ATLA/LoK (Book 2) soundtrack. 

It’s definitely worth the listen! Check it out here

Keval even asked the question we’re all dying to know: When will Book 3 come out? 

Noteworthy tidbits: 

  • The possibility of an ATLA soundtrack is still up in the air. Viacom (Nick) hasn’t rejected the idea yet, so it’s still possible. The same goes for a Book 2 soundtrack. (The the Book 1 soundtrack didn’t sell as well as the Nick executives had hoped, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Jeremy said the online petitions help, but they’re not enough.) 
  • Bolin will get an official theme song in Book 3. There’s something interesting the creators have in store for him. 
  • The music gets more intense in Book 3 (this definitely goes along with what Mike and Bryan said about the book being more “gritty” and “emotional”). Jeremy said there’s somewhat of a “harmonic” tinge to it.
  • With regards to the release date… Jeremy said they have a lot of material ready to go and that they’re in “good shape”. He said they’re shouldn’t “be any long gaps or anything”… unless Viacom decides to do “something weird”. They have NOT decided on a release date as of yet.

There are some other interesting pieces of information but I definitely recommend a listen! My own best guess for the release date would be late summer, early fall (August/September at the latest). 

Asami Sato voice actress Seychelle Gabriel at Wondercon 2014 for her show Falling Skies. She is seen sporting her Asami racing goggles.

Voice-work for Book 4 of The Legend of Korra is likely coming to a close, with P.J. Byrne spotted at Nickelodeon Studios earlier this week for what are presumably Bolin pick-ups.


Waiting to lay down some #Korra @nickelodeontv with my #Zebra pal!

Welcome to Republic City and A Leaf in the Wind premiered on TV two years ago today, starting the era of The Legend of Korra. Happy anniversary Team Avatar!

Nickelodeon has just made The Boy in the Iceberg available for free on iTunes in Canada, download here: http://oak.ctx.ly/r/wm0l.

Enjoy, Canadian Team Avatar!


In color correction suites they have these cool scopes and mini monitors that look like something you’d find in a vintage submarine. Usually the patterns that appear on them are indiscernible, but if an image, particularly a face, is clear and contrasty enough a ghostly visage will emerge. Here is such an image appearing in the RGB parade on the waveform monitor of the Book 3 villain.

Korranews exclusive! 

  • top: unreleased Book 2: Spirits artwork featuring Korra in her Book 2 outfit
  • bottom two: Book 2 promotional material with no watermarks or text